Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sliMDream™ ( aka triMDream™ )-Innovations in Medical Weight Control

...available to residents of Los Angeles county October 15, 2009.

This proprietary weight loss system i
s based upon my 34 years of clinical, academic and research experience.

Further, I incorporate up-to-date world-wide research and current recommendations by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and American College of Physicians (ACP).

sliMDream™  ( aka triMDream™ )
system is an individualized, multi-component lifestyle intervention system to optimize, stabilize and maintain height/sex/age-appropriate weight.

  ( aka triMDream™ ) system includes, but is not limited to, following modalities:

· behavioral modification
· suppression of appetite
· smart nutrition with energy deficit
· adequate hydration
· management of sleep patterns and stress reduction
· appropriate physical activity with energy deficit
· metabolic enhancers
· meal replacement

Please call (424) 204-5004 to be directed to a location near you to learn the essential 7 "seas" to success.

Be Well!


Silent Inflammation--a not so silent Killer!

Every wellness-conscious person should be aware of the silent killer responsible for many multi system deadly and disabling disorders. My friend and a colleague Dr. Bary Sears is clear and concise--please read, it might improve and/or save your life!

Be aware, talk to your doctor, get tested and get treated, if needed!
Be Well and remember that it's not the effort that counts, but its effectiveness!