Monday, December 20, 2010

The AMA stands in the way of nationwide implementation of HIT!?

Washington, D.C. – The American Medical Association (AMA) urged the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to revise the Medicare e-prescribing penalty policy in a letter sent to HHS Secretary Sebelius.

AMA asserts that this policy, which would penalize physicians in 2012 if they don’t e-prescribe in the first six months of 2011, "will hurt efforts to implement widespread health IT adoption among physician practices and cause them to take on needless financial and administrative burdens".

Such assertion could not be further from the truth, as implementation of e-prescribing will foster widespread use of HIT, and specifically electronic medical records (EMR). Implementation of e-prescribing will reduce incidence of medication errors, reduce complications of multi-pharmacy and will significantly reduce fraud and abuse of prescription medications.

The facts are in direct contradiction to statements by AMA Board Secretary Steven J. Stack, M.D. regarding the issue, as not aligning these programs will ultimately delay physicians’ efforts to adopt a complete EMR.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( CMS) has said that physicians cannot receive incentives from both the Medicare e-prescribing incentive program and the Medicare EHR incentive program simultaneously. However, if physicians choose not to participate in the 2011 e-prescribing program, they will face penalties in 2012 and 2013

Once again, the once  relevant organization  ends up with an egg on its face.  I guess the Board of AMA as utilized the same due diligence philosophy used in its ill-fated commercial endorsement of Sunbeam products without testing what it was putting its stamp of approval on.

Dr. Stack, for one, makes me proud of having the foresight to quit AMA in 1981!

For more information on AMA's cockeyed decision process, please contact:

Lisa Lecas
AMA Media Relations

Sunday, November 21, 2010

TeleMed Partners joins imminent telemedicine boom

Malibu, California
CONTACT: Eva Peel, VP, Corporate Communications

Telemed Partners joins the imminent telemedicine boom, as Prof. Victor S. Dorodny, MD, is realigning his 17-year-old health care policy, economics and information technology consulting company, Health Pro Worldwide, Inc., and refocusing on the hot fields of health information technology (HIT) and telemedicine.

The new company, TeleMed Partners, benefiting from almost two decades of expertise, fosters strategic partnerships between HIT manufacturers, medical service providers, consumers, and payors.

Its first consulting client is US Tele-Medicine of Beverly Hills. “The current US health care system needs to expand the use of health information technologies and telemedicine. The system emerging in the wake of new health care legislation will crash without it,” says Dr. Victor Dorodny. “Adding thirty million health care consumers, while mandating extended coverage, combined with increased demand for health care from the aging baby boomers is straining the system at the seams. Telemedicine seems to be our best viable alternative to provide health care for the ever growing needs of the consumer, especially the chronically ill and aging. I have no doubt that health care delivery in the US will change dramatically in the next ten years through the adoption of telemedicine. We are in the convergent space defined by medicine, information, and technology, and plan to work hard on integrating them for the benefit of the health care consumers.”

Prof. Dorodny, MD, ND, PhD, MPH ( President & CEO of TeleMed Partners, was one of the creators of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). He has served on the Advisory Board of the Assoc. of Medical Director of Information Systems and is the Past President of the National Assoc. of Managed Care Physicians (Western Division).

He conceived, designed, and led development of Knowledge-based Health Information Systems (KbHIS©) operational databases for healthcare organizations. He has consulted for the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospital Organizations, the National Association of Consulting Pharmacists, the National Pharmaceutical Council, and the FDA, and is internationally recognized for advancing electronic medical/health record technologies, and promoting confidentiality and security of health information.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

US Tele-Medicine Appoints Professor Victor Dorodny as CMO and Global Practice Leader

Beverly Hills, CA, November 11, 2010-– US Tele-Medicine, a national leader in telehealth services appoints Prof. Victor S. Dorodny M.D., N.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. a specialist with over 30 years of clinical and executive experience, as well as a Doctorate in Health Information Technologies (HIT) and over 17 years of hands-on HIT/Telemedicine experience, as Chief Medical Officer and Global Practice Leader.
Prof. Dorodny enjoys international recognition for advancing electronic health record technologies (EHR, EMR, PHR), and promoting confidentiality and security of health information.
He has served as Advisory Board Member of: The Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems (AMDIS); National Association of Managed Care Physicians (NAMCP) and The IPA Association of America (TIPAA).
He was one of the creators of the current Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).
He conceived, designed, and led development of Knowledge–based Health Information Systems (KbHIS©) operational databases for healthcare organizations. He served as consultant to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations; Technical Advisor to the United States Department of Justice and the FBI.
Prof. Dorodny originated the revolutionary concept of health and pharmaceutical care value (HCV©) that continues to shape emerging health systems. He consults for: the Institute for Alternative he , National Association of Consulting Pharmacists, the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospital Organizations (JCAHO), the National Pharmaceutical Council, and the FDA.
Prof. Dorodny is an accomplished Healthcare/HIT Physician-Executive and has successfully introduced his concepts into the marketplace as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Clark Information Services, Inc., a software, applications and data warehousing company for pharmaceutical industry and other health care organizations; as the Executive VP & Chief Medical Information Officer of Superior Consultant Company, Inc., an integrated health care, pharmaceutical industry and information technology management company; as the Executive VP of Business Development for ICN, Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Eastern Europe.
Prof. Dorodny is Board Certified by the American Academy of Pain Management, Diplomate and Distinguished Fellow of the American College of Ethical Physicians, Associate in Medicine of the American College of Legal Medicine (ACLM), Diplomate and Distinguished Fellow of the American College of Hospital Physicians, graduate of USC Executive Management Institute in Health Care, and Registered Arbitrator.
Prof. Dorodny made significant contributions on diverse topics in major mass media publications, peer review journals and trade publications. He authored monographs and books. Among his editorial board appointments: Managed Healthcare, US Pharmacist, ADVANCE for Health Information Executives. As Reuters Healthcare Expert he often presents at national and international conferences, and guests on national TV and radio.
Currently based in Malibu, CA Prof. Victor Dorodny can be reached at (800) 498-1081

US Tele-Medicine is a leader in telemedicine and telehealth services, operating in Twelve states and providing chronic care management, using remote sensing devices operated by the patient at home or office. Telemedicine reduces costs because care is provided at a less expensive setting than a clinic or hospital.
Telemedicine will be the premier channel of health care as Physicians can visit with more patients using Telemedicine, than with traditional office visits. Telemedicine reduces absenteeism, eliminates the cost and bother of travel to a clinic and promotes greater recovery times for the patients.