Saturday, November 23, 2019

Tips for having a great relationship with your family doctor.

Tips for having a great relationship with your family doctor.
  • They don’t know everything — but they do know more than you. Treat them like the professionals they are. If you really don’t trust them, then find someone you can.
  • Be honest and don’t hold anything back. They can’help you with something they don’t know about.
  • Pay it forward. Be nice to everyone in the office. Why not bring some cookies for the staff? Be the person they want to help. Life isn’t fair, but people want to help others they like.
  • Don’t ignore their advice. If something doesn’t make sense, ask more questions.
  • Visit at least once a year. A full medical physical may or may not be necessary. This all depends on your age, existing conditions, etc. The frequency of your visits is something you should discuss with your family doctor.
Be well!


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