Saturday, December 14, 2019

Of the 13 levels of healthcare services at the Congressional Hearings.

Dear All,

Having devoted over 40 years of my professional life to healtcarING, I now realize that my efforts were like spitting into the eye of a hurricane, and here is why.

In October of 1994, in my then capacity as the President of NAMCP (National Association of Managed Care Physicians) & Co-Editor of Managed Care Journal, I was fortunate to have been invited to testify in front of the US House Select Committee on "Innovative Healthcare Delivery Systems"

I was even more fortunate to be in the company of my esteemed partner late Prof. Roman L. Yanda (1927-1997). a distinguished thinker, medical inventor, and a prolific author.

When asked, Prof. Yanda suggested that instead of throwing more money into the Medicare abyss, they should offer free paragliding lessons, and deep discounts on actual gliders, with a robotic body processing unit at the bottom of the hill,
as a way to combat expenditures at the end of life.

In turn, yours truly was asked "...Dr, are you saying there two different levels of health care based on socio-economic status?"

My honest answer simply shocked the Members and their staff, as well as the official stenographer, so here are the main "levels of care"-might be unpleasant, but are totally realistic and far removed from healthcarING:

1.POTUS, VP,  Congressmen and families,
2. CEOs and Board members of giant companies,
3. Hospital Board members and Administrators
4. Physicians and their family members,
5. Nurses, hospital employees and families,
6. Patients with "good" commercial insurance, PPO and ca$h paying patients.
7. Patients with HMO insurance
8. Patients with Medicare/Medical insurance
9. Patients with "Covered California" insurance
10. Jail/prison inmates
11. Working patients with no insurance
12. Illegal aliens
13. Homeless & transient

The worst part of the story, is that not much changed in the ensuing 25 years. The only difference is that the healthcare inequality is alive and well, and shows no signs of easing up.

P.S. Unfortunarely, I was unable to find any paperwork/notes of my testimony in the archives-go figure?

Be Well (within your means, of course)!


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