Saturday, March 28, 2020

We are all in it together, literally!

The truth is that we are all in it together, and the medical resources are stretched to  braking limit.

Retired MD, DO, ND, DPM, DVM, DDS, PA, NP,  RN,  LVN, MA, and ALL other health professionals coming out of retirement to assist communities in the fight against the current pandemic.

Some localities have already started Volunteer MD programs, but I could not reach any one directly in Southern California to utilise my skills and experience. Hence the# RetMDSquad, to organize for maximum efficacy when and where it might be needed.

Please join our FB group at #RetMDsquad, and thank you for volunteering.

In this turbulent times I would like to offer my assistance to my community. Retired from full time clinicall practice,I am a dully licensed California Physician and Surgeon, Anesthesiologist and Critical Care physician; formal Global Practice Leader for US Telemedicine.

An expert of disaster preparedness and emergency response, former Commander of Malibu MRC under he Governor Office of Emergency Operation Services (EOS). As an international expert on disaster medicine I have deployed with Medical Disaster Assistance Team (MDAT) overseas.

Also, I am the publisher of "Dialing 911" for home, and 'Dialing 911" for driving/away from home emergencies. I have some left and would gladly give them out while the supplies last, as these guides are no longer available through Amazon.

I have sent intro emails to most public health, sheriff, state, county and city official but have not heard back from any one yet.

Semi-retired, I am still an experienced licensed MD able and willing to provide some immediate practical advice, as well as the ever important telemedical triage.

Hopefully, we can form an organized  "critical mass" of experienced medical professionals for the authorities to utilize us as badly needed reserves.

Finally, we encourage authorities to allow unmatched medical grads tofunctoonat least as PA or NP, under delegation of authority agreement with a licensed MD-an amazing untapped resource!?

Please join the #RetMDsquad on FB

Please join our FB group at #RetMDsquad, and thank you for volunteering.

Be well!

Prof. Victor S Dorodny, MD, PhD, aka Dr

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