Friday, October 17, 2008

Toxic Fat News

“Toxic Fat,” the latest book by my friend and colleague Dr. Sears explains the role of inflammation in obesity and chronic disease.

If almost by serendipity, the October, 2008 issue of Cancer Journal has a major article linking omega-6 fatty acids to breast cancer.

For years it was though that eating grilled meats was a potential causative factor because meat produces heterocyclic amines that had been demonstrated to cause cancer in rats.

This new article studied women for 10 years and found that consumption of heterocyclic amines was not associated with the development of breast cancer.

What researchers did find was that a diet rich in omega-6 fats (but low in heterocyclic amines) was strongly associated with increased breast cancer.

The answer is quite clear. Those women with low intakes of heterocyclic amines had been previously shown to have high levels of insulin. When excess insulin is combined with high levels of omega-6 fats, the result is the production of increased arachidonic acid.

This is the toxic fat that is the driving force of increased cancer.

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