Thursday, September 12, 2019

When you swallow vitamins, your gastric acid, intestinal tract and liver can significantly degrade the active ingredients and also slow their absorption into your body.
"Breathable" vitamins, or so they claim, skip the digestive system and dissolve into the highly permeable tissue lining your cheeks. So, in fact, they are not “inhaled”, but simply sprayed inside once mouth, like a mouth freshener.
To make Le Whif, Edwards (who also pioneered inhalable chocolate, coffee and insulin) ground various vitamins into aerosolized particles, mixed them with different teas to enhance flavor, and packed the mixture into a lipstick-shaped inhaler that you draw on like a pipe to pull the particles out. A "plug at the end of the device directs the vitamin spray upward" and supposed to prevent the mist from shooting down the throat and making the user choke.
Unfortunately, despite the “plug” there is fair amount of choking and sizeable amount of pharyngeal impaction (gets stuck in your throat) leading to only a portion of the substance being available for "inhalation".
And the remaining “inhaled” portion of the concoction just like the case with inhaled insulin, can irritate the upper airways and cause coughing; also it can exacerbate pre-existing lung diseases in many patients.
Finally, the three flavors they offer-Antioxidant Green Tea, Multi-Vitamin Hibiscus Tea and the best, Age Smart Wine Tea, reminds me of the Bubblicious gum offerings…Strawberry Splash, Watermelon Wave and Gonzo Grape…collect them all!

Furthermore, to get the 100% of the daily dose of each vitamin requires 8 (eight) inhales per day-a full time job if a person is taking 2-3 different vitamins.

For now though if you don’t eat real, whole foods, are unable or unwilling to swallow multiple huge pills, have intestinal problems of bariatric surgery, both prevent proper absorption, you should consider products.

PatchMD skin patches offer convenience, portability, once a day application, and deliver slow sustained release of vitamins and minerals over 8 hours with many uniquely useful, hence popular, combinations.

And yes, skin patches also bypass the gastric acid, intestinal tract and liver can significantly degrade the active ingredients and also slow their absorption into your body. 
Be well!

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