Saturday, April 7, 2007

Kudos to Assemblyman Mark Leno...

... for the introduction of AB 1472(Leno): The California Healthy Places Act

Our health is largely determined by where we live, work, and play.

The California Healthy Places Act would provide technical assistance and grants to community organizations and local health agencies to evaluate land-use planning decisions to ensure that they create and maintain communities that promote health, through the new California Department of Public Health.

According to the Institute of Medicine, improving health in the 21st century will require new approaches to environmental health, including strategies to deal with unhealthy buildings, urban congestion, poor housing, poor nutrition, and environmentally-related stress.

Health impact assessments can provide important evidence to back up community positions and concerns, giving communities a direct role in asking and answering questions important to healthy growth, whether those questions come from an environmental justice, environmental health, economic justice or other community perspective.

It provides community organizations with political and economic power in planning decisions that equals that of big developers and corrupt politicians who support them.

It’s about time to give Californians a say in the way their communities are being developed/preserved and the way their money is being spent.

We gripe, you decide.

Be Well!

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