Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Shame on Religious "WRONG"...

State Sen. McClintock and Cardinal Mahony are misguided at best, or deliberately wrong on the issues of assisted suicide.

McClintock essentially argued that "we don't need a law to allow people to pursue an option that is already available to them. There are many simple, painless ways to end it all, if one is of a mind to do so".

The conservative Republican says that advocates of the assisted suicide are really seeking our collective approval: "As a society, Do we really want to stand on the pavement and shout, "Jump!"?

It appears the the ultra-conservative former candidate for Gov. "totally lost it", as he advocates and encourages felonious conduct by health care providers and patient's families, rather than supporting the legal dignified procedure requested by the medical consumer.

Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony denounced Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez for supporting the bill and accused Nunez of being part of the "culture of death." Cardinal Mahony should worry about protecting our youth from his pedophile priests and instructing them not to lie under oath.

Cardinal Mahony’s sentiments will be echoed in churches across California. Parishioners will be asked to contact Assembly members, especially Latino majority.

Catholic Church should be separate from State Legislature as state government is not an enforcement arm for Catholic doctrine. Legislators who don't understand the separation of church and government should be removed from the State Legislature!

Be Well!

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