Thursday, March 29, 2007

Don't be a pig, when you are in the driver's seat...

...proclaims a recently photographed billboard in Kiev, Ukraine.

It is unfortunate that the California "Governator" does not get to pass by it.

"Selecting" only doctors and hospitals for higher taxation to finance his version of "Zelda's Single Payor Legend" (see older postings), is not just unfair--it's out right stupid.

Whether the Gov. calls it a "fee" or "stooped tax", it will tap 2% of doctors revenues and 4% of hospitals revenues to pay for his "universal" health care.

The Governor also wants his "universal health care" extended, obviously for free, to all illegal immigrants, both currently in California and the 10-15 million of them that will be attracted by free "universal health care".

As a matter of fact, selective taxation only of health care providers makes as much sense as mandating a new "California universal toilet paper".

People who support the Gov. should realize that all increases if implemented, will be passed on to them in a form of higher doctors and hospitals fees, refusals to take care of the indigent, and higher insurance premiums for all legal Californians.

This way not just the health care, but its financing will be universal.

As a physician and a seasoned consultant, I am offering a 3-prong free advice to the Governor:

*stop being a Pig a in the Driver's Seat and leave doctors and hospitals alone,
*impose an additional 2% tax on revenues of your fellow actors, producers, directors, movie
studios and TV executives;
*impose an additional 4% on the revenues of Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Banking, Hi-Tech, Bio-
Tech companies conducting business in California .

Surely, there are as many rich and righteous folk as there are physicians and hospitals whose profit margins are higher than actual providers of health care.

We observe, you decide!

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