Tuesday, August 6, 2019

August 6, 2019, Marina del Rey, California

To my dear friends, patients, colleagues, and valued clients:

It is with great sadness that after almost 45 years, I announce my retirement from a full time clinical practice effective immediately.

However, the change allows me to concentrate on the research, scientific issues, and medical investigative mythology of aging, chronic inflammation, chromic systemic illnesses, maintaining the quality of life for our rapidly aging population, myself included, leading, hopefully, to a graceful aging.

While I am going to concentrate on running the Naturopathic Evidence-based Institute (NEW™ Institute), I am still reachable via this site, or directly @ DrDorodny@gmail.com.

One of the Institute's new direction is to investigate, expose and debunk numerous medical/healthcare myths that can, and do, harm medical/healthcare consumers.

Welcome back to my new Investigative Medical Mythology series with the article (from July 13th, 2019) on the gut biome, and its importance for health and graceful aging.

Be Well!

Founder & President, The NEW™ Institute
Chairman of TRI-PAC, National Health Consumers Advocacy
Chief Medical Scientist, PatchMD.com
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