Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research (AMHSR) Jounal appoints the new Editor-in-Chief.

Academician Victor S. Dorodny, MD, ND, PhD, MPH ( #AmazingDrD) has been appointed Editor-in-Chief for The Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research (Print ISSN 2141-9248) #AMHSR,  earlier this  month.
AMHSR Journal is a peer-reviewed Open Access Journal dedicated to publishing of the most comprehensive and reliable research in medical and health sciences.

Dr.Dorodny is a consensus-building team leader, eminently qualified in integrative/complementary medical care to combat chronic disease states, anti-aging medicine, weight management, vitamins/nutritional supplements, etc., all leading, hopefully, to "graceful aging". 

Be well! 
Dr. Dorodny (aka DrD) can be reached via:, or  @
1 (365) 655-6533

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