Friday, August 9, 2019

In 1995, while serving as the President of National Association of Managed Care Physicians (NAMCP) I have come with "Dr.D. Laws of Managed Care".
Unfortunately for healthcare consumers and providers during the past 24 years the system transitioned from managed healthcare, to mangled NOTcarING. However, because of divergent, and frequently conflicting, core values and business interests of main shareholders, Dr.D's Laws are in force and effect:
1.If someone is already paying a lot, let him or her continue.
2.Even if a lot of people complain about quality of managed care, it won’t contain cost.
3.Never provide coverage unless the treatment is unpleasant.
4.Quality is being in a waiting room with people who earn more money than you are.
4.The recipients of care do not ask for it, do not order it and do not pay for it.
5.The payers do not ask for it, do not order it and do not receive it/
6.The orderers of care do not receive it and do not pay for it
Please be aware, alert and protect your health consumer rights, and join the TRI-PAC National Health & Wellness Advocacy--Patient-Provider-Partnerships for Affordable, Available, and Accessible Health CarING© (TRI-PAC).(
Be well!

Investigative Medical Mythologist, IMM
Founder & President, The NEW™ Institute
Chairman of TRI-PAC, National Health Consumers Advocacy
Chief Medical Scientist,
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