Monday, February 12, 2007

Dialing 911

Emergency preparedness made easy is what our new series of Dialing 911 QwikGuides is all about. A matter of vital importance, emergency preparedness nevertheless eludes two thirds of us (Red Cross survey).

Americans make 190 million 911 calls every year requesting help for emergencies endangering life or property. That's about two calls for every three of us. In addition to crime and medical problems, 1.8 million fire and about 40 major disasters create emergency situations for millions of American families.

Nevertheless, once we buy homeowners insurance and/or car insurance, most of us do little else to guard against or prepare for family emergencies.

The brand new Driving Emergency QwikGuide provides vital information about accidents, mechanical breakdowns, tire blowouts, car fires, driving in rain, hailstorm, fog, tornado, flood, earthquake, cold and hot weather. It also addresses SUV driving and car emergency kits. It contains an accident checklist and road emergency reporting advice. It is concise, practical, easy to use, durable, and even washable.

The Family Emergency and Driving Emergency QwickGuides provide vital information to help you prepare yourself and your family for emergencies without spending a lot of time and effort.

You cannot predict emergencies, but you can prepare. Now is a good time.

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