Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My life. My death. My choice.

Legislative authors of a new bill (AB 374)to empower terminally ill California patients to make their own end of life choices will unveil powerful new support for their legislation at a State Capitol news conference on Thursday, February 15th.

A broad coalition of patients’ rights supporters, including seniors, faith leaders, physicians and terminally ill Californians and family members will unveil a new drive tomorrow at the Capitol to pass a bill (AB 374) that would make it legal for terminally ill patients to obtain prescription medication to ease their dying.

Some Californians with incurable, terminal illnesses are suffering needlessly prolonged, agonizing deaths. The new bill would allow terminally-ill California patients to request, and their doctors to provide, a prescription medication to hasten a quiet, peaceful and dignified death.

The measure would provide safe, legal end-of-life choices for Californians similar to those the people of Oregon enjoy.

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